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Hats, belts, bags and more handmade with the best workmanship and highest quality material


Each Product is 100% handmade in switzerland with ultimate care for every detail.

Imperfection in the aesthetics is strongly valued while roughness and elegance are going hand in hand. our products are deeply inspired by the Japanese aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi and Rock 'n Roll.

Every product is unique and crafted with the finest materials around. Fabrics for hatbands, accessories to embellish and some stardust, even Peter Pan would be jealous of, finish the Look.

They are being collected on travels, flea-markets, or just found on the way and connect different cultures, histories and good times. Every single part of the products is sewn, cut, painted, formed, blocked, steamed, screen printed or whatever handcraft needed for it to become what we call an Onkai heiwa. Onkai is having deep gratitude towards the oceans and always keeping the gate to the universe open.

our Products are made to be worn by gypsies, bohemian wildhearts, foxy ladies, winnie pooh's ...just everyone who rock's and roll's. 

Come and get on the Spaceship

the journeyman

The hat maker is a believer. He believes in the power of the hat. “No matter how ragged and overgrown you are, when you put on a hat, you’re dressed" he says and strokes the edge of his hat.

The hat maker also believes in intuition, in immediate recognition. He is someone who senses how it has to be done. Every hat that accrues out of his hands is a being of its own. A being that reveals itself only during its own emergence. Designed details and accidental flaws become equal allies in it and turn into unique pieces under the guidance of the hat maker. In masterpieces that are second to none.


The artisan

“If you are not willing to have your pants down in public, wear a belt!” Truly wise words. But an Onkai belt is so much more than just a tool for keeping the pants where they belong.

An Onkai Product carries the essence of the maker. In every cut, in every stitch, in every ornament runs his passion, his love for detail and perfection, a piece of himself. You want to show an Onkai item. Not to gain recognition or even envy. No. Much more to express your appreciation for the artisan, his craftsmanship and for his masterly work.